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L.K. Downing Hall, Room 1022

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B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, 1980. Polytechnic University, Prague, Czechoslovakia
M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, 1985. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1988. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado


Signal processing, Detection and estimation, Data fusion


Signal and information processing, machine learning, Hardware and software security, engineering education.

Recent Grants
Enhance Engineering Education in HBCUs with the Mobile Studio and Analog Discovery, NSF, $3,890,000

Extracting Meaning from African Languages, Army Research Office, $2,800,000

Center For Academic Excellence, ODNI, $1,250,000

Counterfeit parts detection by Infrared imaging, MDA, $1,000,00

GEARUP, International research experience for Undergraduate Students, Co-Pi, NSF, $2,500,000

Smart Lighting, ERC, NSF, Principal Investigator: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with the following collaborators: Morgan State U, RHI, University of New Mexico, Boston U, $500, 00

Subjects Taught: 

Signals and Systems Signal Processing
Communications, System identification
Probability and Random Variable
Stochastic processes
Circuit theory
Digital Systems
Computer networks
Introduction to engineering
Linear Control
Senior design

Detailed Information

About Me: 

Mohamed F. Chouikha is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Howard University. Dr. Chouikha received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He is a Senior Member of IEEE with primary expertise in signal processing and in detection and estimation. During the last 28 years his research activity has been quite diverse. His funded research areas include sensory data fusion, adaptive signal processing, statistical machine learning with application to pattern recognition, human detection in infrared imaging, advanced perception for XUV, wireless communication and intelligent signal processing and control. Lately, he was also involved in developing new tools for engineering education namely the mobile studio. During his tenure at Howard he has published over 120 publications, supervised three Post-docs, produced 15 PhDs and twice as much Masters. He is a founding Director of the Washington Academy of Biomedical Engineering. He has been a consultant to a number of companies in the Washington area , since 1988 he has been with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Howard University, where he is a Full Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In July 2000 he became the Chair of the EE Department. In 2004, he established a new Computer Engineering program within the Department of Electrical Engineering, since then renamed as the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Howard University. He was also the Director of the IC-Center of Academic Excellence and he was the founding and first Director of the Center of Applied High Performance Computing, and one of the founding Directors of the Washington Academy of Biomedical Engineering. His research interest covers many subjects including but not limited to Statistical Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Communications, and Control. He has performed research in the areas of Classification and Compression, Automatic Target Recognition, and Automatic Diagnosis of Medical Images and Computer Vision. He has also conducted research in detection and estimation, real time signal processing, modeling and simulation of computer communication networks, automatic test pattern generation and verification of complex digital systems, in simulation and modeling of Agile and distributed Control of multi-agent autonomous group robots and nonlinear signal processing. His current research is in Medical image processing, Speech processing and language translation; and the application of High performance grid computing to data fusion in decision making. Most of Dr. Chouikha research has been supported by

federal agencies, foundations and industry, he has published more than 120 journals and conference papers with as many citations.. Dr. Chouikha has been actively involved in graduate training in engineering and imaging technology . He has supervised many Masters, PhDs, and Post-doctoral students. He has also introduced changes in the graduate and undergraduate curricula to reflect modern trends in the 21st century including but not limited to the introduction of courses in entrepreneurship and in research for undergraduate. He also developed a committee of industrial partners that provides input for continuous improvement of the curriculum. Another focus is on enhancing the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in the STEM areas in general and engineering in particular. To that end Dr. Chouikha is working with colleagues from Howard and other institutions on developing new instruction delivery methods based on hands on learning. This work has been supported for many years by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Chouikha is a recipient of numerous awards from Howard and other institutions. He continues to advise graduate and undergraduate students, to date he has graduated 15PhDs, 30 Masters, 3 Post-docs and a larger number of undergraduate students. His overall grant portfolio has exceeded $20M. He is a program evaluator for National and international ABET Electrical and Computer Engineering Programs.


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[2] Isaac J. Collins, Preston D. Frazier, E. Thomas Gilmore, M. F. Chouikha “Industry Study of Supply Chain Risk Management Practices and Ways to Improve Hardware Reliability “ Accepted IEE Transactions on Reliability, 2015

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[6] Alarcon-Ramirez, Chouikha M., “Rebound of Region of Interest (RROI), a New Kernel-based Algorithm for Video Object Tracking Applications.” Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 2013.

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[8] Alarcon-Ramirez, Chouikha M., “Implementation of a New Methodology to Reduce the Effects of Changes of Illumination in Face recognition-based Authentication,” Journal on Cryptography and Information Security (IJCIS), v. 2, p. 13, 2012

[9] Mona Elshinawy, M. Chouikha“ Pre-Cad Detection of Normal Tissue , Journal of Digital Imaging , November 2011


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