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Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, 2005 (GPA 4.0/4.0)
M.S. in Dynamical Systems and Mechanics, University of Romania, Iasi, 2001 (GPA 10.0/10.0)
B.S. in Physics, University of Romania, Iasi, 2001 (GPA 9.60/10)
B.S. in Mathematics, University of Romania, Iasi, 1997 (GPA 9.62/10)


Electromagnetics, Data Storage Nanotechnology, Communications, Dynamical Systems, Optoelectronics, Stochastic Analysis


Data Storage and Recording Nanotechnologies, Spintronics, Landmine detection, Hysteresis, Visible Light Communications, Noise and fluctuations in nonlinear systems

[1] M. Dimian, P. Andrei, “Noise-driven phenomena in hysteretic systems,” [BOOK] Springer Publisher, New York, U.S.A., 234 pages (2014) ISBN 978-1-4614-1373-8
[2] M. Dimian, P. Andrei, M. Mehta, O.A. Idubor, “Thermal relaxation in magnetic multi-layer materials with mixed hysteretic behavior”, Journal of Applied Physics 117 (17), 17A745 (2015) ISI Impact Factor: 2.21
[3] A. Cailean, B. Cagneau, L. Chassagne, M. Dimian, V. Popa, “Novel Receiver Sensor for Visible Light Communications in Automotive Applications”, IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (8), 4632-4639 (2015) ISI Impact F: 1.85
[4] I. Gudyma, A. Maksymov, M. Dimian, ”Stochastic resonance in bistable spincrossover compounds with light induced transitions” Physical Review E 90 (5), 052135 (2014) ISI Impact Factor: 2,31
[5] M. Dimian, P. Andrei, M. Grayson, "Hybrid models of hysteresis for mixed hysteretic loops in heterogeneous magnetic materials"", Journal of Applied Physics 115, 17D103 (2014) ISI Impact factor: 2,21
[6] D. Chiruta, C.M. Jureschi, J. Linares, A. Graur, M. Dimian, A. Rotaru, Analysis of Architecture Effect on Hysteretic Behavior of 3-D Spin Crossover Nanostructures, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 50 (11), 2900404 (2014), ISI Impact Factor: 1,21
[7] D. Chiruţă, J. Linares, Y. Garcia, M. Dimian, P.R. Dahoo, ”Analysis of multi-step transitions in spin crossover nanochains”, Physica B: Condensed Matter 434, 134-138, (2014), ISI Impact Factor: 1,33.
[8] P. Andrei, M. Mehta, M. Dimian, ”Modeling mixed clockwise and counter-clockwise hysteresis in multi-layer materials by using a generalized Jiles-Atherton model”, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 435, 156-159 (2014), ISI Impact factor: 1,33.

Subjects Taught: 

Electromagnetic Theory and Applications, Wireless Communications, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Advanced Data Management and Analysis, Principles of Electronics, Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Electromagnetic Theory, Technical Research Writing and Communications

Detailed Information

About Me: 

Dr. Mihai Dimian is currently Associate Professor at Howard University in Washington DC, USA. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park, USA in 2005 and a post-doctoral fellowship in Applied Mathematics at Max Planck Institute, Germany. His research interests are at the interface between mathematics, physics and electrical engineering and include topics from applied electromagnetics, optoelectronics and nanoelectronics with a special emphasize on memory phenomena and the effects of noise and fluctuations in nonlinear systems. He is the recipient of 2014 Romanian Academy Award in Physical Sciences and of various research and teaching awards from American and Romanian universities. Since 2015, he was appointed as member of National Council for Scientific Research by Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. He served as a Chair of the Assessment Committee in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department leading the process of accreditation of Computer Engineering Program and successful ABET evaluations of Electrical and Computer Engineering Programs.


Data Storage and Recording Nanotechnologies, Spintronics, Landmine detection, Hysteresis, Visible Light Communications, Noise and fluctuations in nonlinear systems


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