EECE Mission & Vision


The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is consistent with the School of Engineering and the University in that it strives to become a world leader in engineering research education while remaining dedicated to the promotion of excellence among students, faculty and staff. Our mission is also to maintain interest in attracting a highly motivated student body for undergraduate and graduate degrees that are versed in state-of-the-art technical knowledge, wisdom and virtue.


Our vision is to offer a strong and competitive electrical and computer engineering program that is recognized as one of the top 75 programs in the country. This program must place emphasis on ensuring that students retain core concepts, participate in team projects including system design, and develop skills that create outstanding leaders. Also, our vision is to provide an environment for faculty, students and staff to engage in scholarly activities that prepare them to become leaders of America and the global community.


Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Ahmed Rubaai Named an IEEE Fellow

Thu, February 11, 2016

Howard University’s Ahmed Rubaai, Ph.D., a professor of electrical engineering, has been named an IEEE Fellow and is being recognized for “Contributions to The Development of High-Performance Controls for Electric Motor Drives.”Read More >>

Welcome Electrical and Computer Engineering Class of 2019!

Thu, August 20, 2015

Welcome Electrical and Computer Engineering Class of 2019!


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