Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) consists of companies who would hire EECS students to develop and produce products and/or perform services. Five, ten or more companies may be IAB members depending on the needs of the department.

Membership and Term of Appointment

The IAB members will include representatives of stakeholders in industry, academia, government, consulting companies and our alumni. They will contribute knowledge, experience and resources to advance our academic programs. IAB members will be chosen by the EECS Department Chair via department faculty recommendations for a three-year renewable term. The total IAB membership will be eight to ten members to cover all aspects of the profession and represent various constituencies of the department.

Member Responsibilities

Each IAB member may contribute their expertise in some or all of the following areas:

1. Review and provide input on graduate and undergraduate educational goals and objectives.

2. Provide consultation, feedback and advice to the Department Chair on the curriculum, state of the profession and student assessment in achieving ABET outcomes.

3. Evaluate quality and scope of research goals and objectives.

4. Help guide the department to generate resources and promote it activities, secure external funding for scholarships and research, and mentor our students on senior design projects.

5. Recommend ways to strengthen ties to industry, government and academic partners.

6. Provide assistance and guidance in helping students secure internships and full-time jobs.

7. Provide advice on research and other aspects of the program, and assist in developing networking opportunities to the Department faculty in securing research funding.

8. Identify funding sources and help secure financial contributions to the department.

9. Serve as an advocate and voice for the Department, internally to the university administration and externally to the employers, rating agencies and others.

These interactions may take place by several means such as visits between departmental personnel (including students) to company sites and vice versa. This may be particularly important for students who will be able to grasp firsthand the priorities and peculiarities of particular companies.


The Advisory Committee will meet once a year in person and once or twice a year as needed via conference call or Skype/Zoom. It is important that at least once a year the EECS department set aside time in which representatives of all IAB companies are invited to hear of the activities of the department through faculty and student presentations with summary sessions devoted to reviewing the interactions of the past year and discussing ways for increasing the quality of these interactions, and to assess our graduates' performance.


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